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How You Can Live Within Your Means When You Are Unemployed—Practical Guild

How You Can Live Within Your Means When You Are Unemployed—Practical  Guild IMAGINE this, that you have a bag with an opening in it, and you have the task of keeping the sack swelled. How might you do it? Well, as long as the volume of air you blow into the bag is at any rate as much as the sum getting out through  the hole, you can keep the sack inflated.

Basically, this is what it mean by living within your means. Your monthly or daily income can be like to the air you blow into the bag. Your daily or monthly expenses are like the air escaping through the hole on the bag. The challenge here is not to allow your daily or monthly expenses to get bigger than what your income can actually care for or support. thats just what it mean to live within your means when you are unemployed, is as simple as that.

Even though the idea sounds simple and basic, the problem comes when it time to put it into practice and benefit from it, this is quite the matter. Many people who are unemployed could spare themselves and their family many financial problems if only they endeavor to follow this simple and basic concept. How can it be done? And how can you really live within your means? the guidelines that we are going to talk about now will really works and help you if you put it into practice.

A Time Tested Principles That Will Help
A Time Tested Principles That Will Help

Here we will be talking about practical principles that can help you manage your financial life. It now up to you to see if you agree with them and put it into practice, if you do so these principles can help you live within your means.

Have A Plan, Or A Budget. 

To be able to manage your money effectively, you really need to know how much money comes in and where the money
Have A Plan, Or A Budget.
really goes. The truth is planing diligent surely make for advantage, but if you are hasty don't think things right before you go into them you will surely heads for want. Some people use a simple envelope or pig bank system. Each envelope or banks represents a category of expense, such as “Food,” “Rent,” or “Clothing.” 

Whether you use this simple method or something more elaborate, the most important thing that I want you to get from here is that you know where your money really is going. Remember; if you always putting luxuries first instead of necessities you will still have the same big problems, always want and heading into poor and poor. My dives here is always put your necessities and the one of your family ahead before luxuries, At this point in your life forget about luxuries and think about necessities.

Avoid Envy

This is really a big hug problem for jobless men and women, mostly women. Many in developing nations yearn for the
Avoid Envy.
luxuries life that people in industrialized and wealthy nations have. On an individual level, many are tempted to want the things that their friends and neighbors flaunt. This is a trap, don't let yourself fall into it.  But one thing they don't consider is that; can that their neighbor really afford those things? Maybe not. Why follow someone else, when you know the end result is financial trouble? Is that wise or foolishness? you answer that for yourself. 

Get this straight: what i mean here is that Setting your eyes on big fresh fish and fine wine when all you can really afford is a dried fish and water, can easily lead to too much worry and financial ruin.  Some people live under $1.35 per day. When people have such meager income coming in, it is wise to focus on the basics life necessities. This same principle can help anybody anywhere in the world to keep out of a lot of financial trouble.Do you agree with that?

Be Content With What You Have!
Be Content With What You Have!
Being content with the needed things that you have is a key to happiness.  This can mean living a simple life. And that mean being contented with the basics life necessities which are food and housing. record has shown that the happiest people in the world have little money; nevertheless, they find great satisfaction in what they do and what they have, which includes not just love of family and friends but material things also. A well known writer once said in his book; "You are happy when you are content and unhappy when you  are not. 

Avoid Unnecessary Debt. 

This is another trouble that will make you worry and take away your happiness.  Although there are some circumstances when going into debt may seem impossible and unavoidable, those who take on unnecessary debt, buy something they don't really need but want will often find themselves shackled into a very heavy financial millstone, that getting out some time is a problem of a life time. 

This can be especially true when you live in a country that use credit cards and you keep on using and using it because you have it and why would't i use it. Some people use of credit card is bad and very poor because when they use a credit card in a supermarket, they often purchase more than what they really need. The problem is paying the bill, remember you don't have much that will ruins your budget. How very wise it is to be very, very careful in using easy credit

Save Up Money Before Buying. 
Save Up Money Before Buying.

Although it may seem old-fashioned and waste of time, saving up before purchasing is actually one of the wisest ways to keep yourself out of financial trouble. Doing so may keep you out of debt and its associated troubles, such as high interest rates, which ultimately add to the price of everything you buys. 
You are happy when you are content and unhappy when you  are not.

All the methods we have considered so far may sound good in principle, it has really help many unemployed people to live within their means. Now it up to you to apply all the points we have considered so far and see how it works for you and your family.

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