Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying Ads?

Every blogger and website owner wants their ads revenue to increase! And most are trying hard to work to increase their revenue more and even more than ever before. 

Consider the possibility that Google Adsense shows 'Medications and Supplement' related Ads on your internet blog. You'll have less opportunity to get clicks on your Ads if that is not related to your blog niche, which will diminish your ads income. Then again, irrelevant and unimportant Ads can diminish your blog's ads earnings too. 

Google tries it's best to indicate important ads which will be beneficial for you and sponsors. However, Once in a while when Google runs out of  relevant Ads or shows visitor interest based advertisements, it might show unessential irrelevant ads from alternate category that have no connection of any kind with the contents of the page. It can diminish your CTR and additionally your income. So you have to dispose those insignificant ads. One of the most easiest ways to do this is, blocking those Adsense Ad from showing up on your blog page. But it can be irritating  if you do it frequently. 

How to Block Low Performing Adsense Categories

The best way is blocking those low performing Adsense categories from showing up. This can be very easy to do from your Adsense dashboard

Initially, you have to figure out which categories are not performing great in your blog/website. You can do it by checking Adsense Impressions and Earnings of the Categories. 

To do that, sign in to your Adsense account and Click on 'Allow & block Adsense' from the header ( Beside 'My advertisements'). At that point tap on 'General Categories'. Here you can see Ad Impressions and Earnings of a few categories throughout the previous 30 days.

"How to Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying Ads?"

If you find that a category is taking up a high rate of impressions yet creating low rate of income, at that point you can consider blocking that category because it’s not profitable for you and your blog

For instance, if you take a look at the above screenshot, you will see that category 'Family and Community' takes 3% impressions yet creates just 0.08% profit. So it's smarter to block this category

To block the category above, simply click on the ‘Tick’ (Green) sign close to the category.

"How to Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying Ads?"

That is it. Google won't show any Advertisements from this block Categories. 

Google Adsense has isolated Sensitive Categories that involve things like Weight Loss, Dark Magic, Dating, Medications and Supplements, Sex, Reproductive health and so on. If you think that some of those categories list are not suitable for your blog readers, then you can consider blocking those categories from showing up on your blog.

In any case, blocking excessively Categories won't help you to expand your ads income. When you are blocking Categories, you are reducing the quantity of bidders who are attempting to put advertisements on your blog. If you block excessively bidders, it can hurt your income. So be smart and do it wisely. 

Before you go l will recommend you do A/B testing to check whether blocking Categories will work well for you or not. If you have any questions or other things that work for you, you can leave a comment below. However, if you find this blog post valuable and helpful you can please  do me a big favor by sharing it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. "How to Increase Google Adsense Earning By Blocking Low Paying Ads?"

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