Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Check For Google Adsense Keywords CPC FREE Of Charge?

Here today I will be sharing with you how to find CPC of any keyword and add them to your blog content to increase your ads earnings. The tool for this is not a hiding tool that people do not know but most of us have head and use this tool before but have forgotten it usefulness, It his called "Keyword Everywhere” extension, let me show you how to use and get it

How To Get "Keyword Everywhere” Extension Free?

KEYWORD EVERYWHERE TOOLThis tool work on both Mozilla and Chrome Browser. Firstly, Open your Mozilla or Chrome Browser. Then go to extension or add-on section of your browser.

Then Find “Keyword Everywhere” extension. download and Install it. You are set but not yet done. before we go to the last past of it let me show you the easies way of getting the too without doing all those searches.

Just head on to and download the right one for your browser and install it on your PC browser. After that the next this is how to make work well. 

After installing the add on you will have to signup. The reason is to get API key. And thats very easy to do, just enter your email address. The API key will be sent to your inbox.

After that then add your API key in the extension that you just downloaded and installed. The fun part. Now go to its “Bulk Upload keyword” Section and add all the keyword that you want to search for their CPC and hit search volume and CPC result  will come up in no time. One things I love about this add on is that you can upload up to 10,000 keywords at once for as many times as you like. Within a SEC you will get all about keywords CPC, their search volume, and competition to rank and more.

If you find other nice tools onlne then don’t forget to mention that in the comment, It will be very nice of you.

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