Wednesday, July 12, 2017

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Ranking And Value

3 Simple Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic Ranking And Value
If you’re like most online site or business owners, you spend a lot of time trying to come up with a clever ways or search the web for more ways to increase your website traffic,ranking and value. But the truth is, sometimes this can be much more easier than we used to think! Let me show you what i mean here!

Here are we will be talking about 3 easy methods that can help you to increase the chances of gaining more website value, traffic and ranking both instantly and quickly… 

Step 1 Encourage Visitors Bookmarking

Encourage Visitors Bookmarking
Simply add a call to action for visitors and readers to bookmark your site – but make sure you give them a strong, compelling reason for them to do so!  As with your squeeze pages and opt-in boxes, be specific. Tell them the irresistibly attractive incentive and valuable advantage they’ll receive, when they do. You can leave your readers or visitors a note at the end of all your blog post, or you can do that by adding a note on your blogger blog settings comment box notify, thats way you can let them know that important for you and to them.

Step 2 Add More Relevant Keywords

If your blog is a hosted blog this will work well for you.
Add More Relevant Keywords
People who make use off paid wordpress or other paid platform this tip is for you more but can also use it. Make  a good use of your blog or site cPanel. Check your logfile stats, to find out strong keywords that are regularly attracting traffic to your blog.  Find out these, and you’ll know the search terms people are using to find you on the web. For those who are using free blog platform, you can do this with  webmaster tool. Take good advantage of these, include 2 or 3 keywords (as long as it’s a natural fit) per page. You can go forther by adding some pages with the exact html title being top keyword phrase or write a blog post mainly for those keyword and then set back and watch them rank on that keywords, increaseing more traffic and value for your blog!

Step 3 Add Favicon to Encourage  Bookmarking
Add Favicon to Encourage  Bookmarking

Make use of Favicon to visually book mark your website.  A favicon is a small photo that is like a logo, that “identifies” you and your blog/website to your visitors – and it something you can easily create; either online or offline by making use of Adobe Photoshop, that if you know's how to make use of it; or use a “free favicon generator” online (you can use that as your search term, to quickly find one online.)  If you’re making use of Adobe Photoshop, check your file extension  drop-down menu If you have the favicon extension “.ICO” If you do not then it right time you get one online, visit Adobe – there will be a plug in you can download and install easily (with instructions) for your Photoshop version. Remember that Favicons should not
boost your webpage views
be larger than 16 X 16 pixels, use  a nice image to “brand” your site (like your logo, if you have one) – and you’re away and set for more traffic, value and ranking!

Hope this blog post is helpful? If you have any question or ideal please drop us a comment, I will do my best to reply to you all thanks!

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