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When Will My New Blog Show Up In Google Search Result Page?

When Will My New Blog Show Up In Google? How To Make Your New Blog Site Show Up On Google?

You want to know when your new blog will show up on Google right, that fine. But first we must know why Google is not showing up your new blog on their search engine. Lots of people want to earn money blogging and they go ahead creating new blog to start making money blogging and it work out for them well. Maybe that is what you also want to do with your new blog too and you want your blog to start showing up on Google and to get traffic from it Good. Let see why Google is not showing your blog at now and see what you can do to get it on Google also. 

Why Is My New Blog Not Showing Up On Google?

There are lots of reasons why your new website or blog is not up yet on Google but we are going to talk about some of the reasons here. As you must have known Google wants QUALITY not QUANTITY.  What do I mean? Let get it clear. 

A lot of people who start a new blog where not able to create quality content and stick to it for a longer time, they give up just a few days later when they did not find their blog in Google. Or give up because they are not making any money from their new blog. That’s sound like a girl buying a new outfit and getting mad two days later just because she’s not suddenly in the running for Miss Africa. What do I mean? What I mean is that Google don’t work that way. So those new bloggers are looking at blogging the wrong way and giving up too soon because of it and that is affecting other new bloggers as well. 
Why Is My New Blog Not Showing Up On Google? 
You as a web user, who make use of Google to search don’t want to search and see a bunch of empty blogs with un-useful content that was started some week ago. No, you want Google to show you quality result that is very helpful to you that proved the answer you’re looking for. That what Google want to do and also doing. That is one reason why Google don’t care much about new blog but “established” blogs that give helpful informative content on them. Those are the sites that end up showing up on Google. They consider them “worthy” of including in their search results page.

Google is in business and they don’t want to mess up. People love Google for its ability to provide quality search results. So they care more about what their customers want. And that their customer is not the guy who just started a new blog but person who searches on their search engine for expects useful answer to something they are looking for.

Other reason.

Another reason why Google is not showing your blog on their search result is because you have not submitted your blog to them (click here to submit your blog to Google blog search). and here to submit to Google And you have not left a link back to your new blog on other popular site, E.G., and other popular site on your niche. The best thing you can ever do for your blog is to ping it whenever you add a new blog post to your blog.  when you ping your blog you are telling the search engine and blog directories that you have added a new blog post or content to your blog. this will increase your chance of been included on Google and other
When Will My New Blog Show Up In Google?search engine and directories also. Here are some pinging services to make use of in pinging your blog;

 These are just some few ones I can remember now just a search on Google you will come up with many other sites. always make it a practice to ping your blog whenever you add a new blog post.

So When Is Google Going To Show My New Blog?

We can’t really tell for sure. Generally speaking it’s going to be between 3 to 6 months, some times days or weeks. But you can make it faster. Add Something Meaningful to your blog, which is putting up useful content which make it worthwhile for Google to show it in their search results. As we all know content is king when you have quality content it will drive traffic to your blog. Others will like it on Facebook and twit it on Twitter and link back also.

As important as content most blogger are not willing to put forth more effort to publish quality blog post. But instead they put up bunch of junk articles thinking that it will get them somewhere. Read this again: Google will include your new blog in their search results only when they think your content is worthy of being included in their search results page.

So work hard on your blog because hard work pays off, post quality blog content, what do I mean? Quality content is a blog post that answers a readers questions or provide help to your blog readers problem. If your content  is able to help your blog readers and make them feel happy then good your blog will soon show up on Google.

Note This; If your blog contents are duplicate sorry, you would't get any good result from it not even to make money from it with Google Adsense. So make sure your blog is duplicate free and offer helpful contents, in that way you are sure in getting good result from your blog and Google will add it up.

If you have any questions and points that you do not understand do well to drop me a comment here, I will make sure I get back to you as soon as possible.

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