Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Choose and purchase a Good Domain Name?

Choosing And Purchasing a good domain name is definitely the most easiest thing when creating your business website. All you need is to have a good reputable registrar (company that is offering domain registration). You can check for domains availability with their search feature at no cost. Once you are done and satisfied with your choice of name, you will then have to create an account with them and then checkout. Once that is done, you can as well purchase a hosting parkeg for your business domain and then upload it within no time!

Come Up With A Unique Name.

First, you have to come up with your unique business domain name. The name must be Memorable, Short but long enough to cover your business subject matter and Brandable. Always make sure that the name is easy to recall, when you tell it to a friend over the phone he/she can call and remember the name.

And easy to pronounce without misspells possibility. Nature based names may be used as wall, like; money, cash, fitness,fire, house,river or names of things or places. For instance, ifire, twitter, facebook, new york. You may avoid hyphens, special characters that may confuse users and underscore. In order to avoid being frustrated, you may get up to 3 names at least, that in case some of those names may have be already registered.

Get The Name Registered.

Now you have to visit a reputable domain name registrar. To get the best and better name you need to visit the best domain name registrars on the internet. The best so far I can recommend is Godaddy, they are the world leading registrars on the web. But you may do your owen research, by reading some web reviews from customers who have registered their domain name in such registrar company. And you may do that according to better services, mush better pricing and high quality of customer support/care, here are some few companies with instant domain registration:


Then Check For  Domain Availability.

Once you have decide on which domain registrars company for Purchasing your domain and hosting and you have registered an account with them. Then the next step is to grab your debit/credit card and get ready to make the purchase. However, for this to be possible, the name in question must be available for registration.

In cases where by all your 3 names have being taken already, a good domain registrar will have to suggest some more better names for you base on your keywords. To check if a domain name is available, type the name of that your domain in to the search box provided and then click the search or find button close to the box. And wait for some few seconds, you will get results if the domain is available or not.

Choose Your Business Plan.

Once you are done selecting and have gotten the right domain, then the next step is to select your payment plan (You may also find other features that go with domains registration such as SSL certificates, domain privacy or hosting and more) and years of your domain registration, eg, 1yr, 2yr, 5yr or even 10 years, it all depend on your budget, most domain registrars might allow this. Search engines give higher priority to domains that is registered to last for many years to come. Once you are done with selecting your plans, the amount will be calculated for you online and you will have to pay. All you need to do is to choose the plan you want and then proceed to checkout.


Note that Before your debit/credit card is billed, you must create a personal/company domain account with the registrar. You may supply your contact details and name of your company names, password and more. This information is highly needed to create a WhoIs for your domain.

Once you have done that, you need to proceed to checkout, select your method of payment and your domain will be registered in just some faw minutes. You can login on your domain account with your username and password at any time you need to make changes to your name servers. It is so fast and easy to Register And Choose a Good Domain Name


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  2. You are right Warner Carter. thanks.

  3. Before selecting a domain name , you have to remember the following aspects :

    1. It should be short and easily memorable by the blog visitors.
    2. Avoid hyphens in your domain name.
    3. Avoid punctuation marks.
    4. It should be in between 3-8 characters long.
    5. It should be related with your blog content.
    6. Extensions are more essential for each and every domain name. So, choose a good domain name with nice extensions such as .com,.net,.org etc.

    After selecting a good domain name, you can check whether the domain name ( what you have chosen ) is available or not by using . Before buying a domain name from domain provider, you have to check the following factors:

    1. Company existence
    2. Customer support