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5 Ways To Drastically Improve Your Blog And Boost Traffic!

5 Ways To DRASTICALLY Improve Your Blog And Boost Traffic: Tips To Improve Website Traffic
Attracting traffic to your blog is greatly important to your business success. A successful blog is one that able to attract and engages blog readers. A blog that is not converting visitors into clicks or sales is like having a business that people do not knows about – it does no good! If you are not getting the kind of clicks or sales that you really want from your blog, or want more visitors, these tips will really help you get that boost your blog wants a thing you are looking for!

Proper Search Engine Optimization Or SEO

A solid search engine optimization or SEO strategy can greatly increase the kind of traffic your site needs. Search engine optimization or SEO is simply the process of setting up your website in a way that search engines can really understand exactly what your website is really about and also display your website or blog in the rankings accordingly.

Proper Search Engine Optimization Or SEO; Traffig, Getting Traffic to a blog.htmlIn order to make sure that your website is properly optimized on the search engine there are many simple things you can do. The First thing anyone would do is a little research to see what keywords people are searching for that are related to your blog niche. There is several free keyword research tools out there on the Internet that you can make use of. Just do a quick search on Google and you will find many of them. One great keyword research tool you can make use of is Google keyword planner.

After doing your research you will come up with a few relevant terms, then you can incorporate those terms into your website by making some changes to your site. Try to add some of these keywords on the title of your site and article title as well, and then include it in the body of your article content a few times as well. However overdoing it can harm your site, too many keywords can lead to the search engines to penalize your site for that particular keyword or term.
Other thing worth mentioning is sitemap, you want to make sure that you add a sitemap built into your blog or website (there are many ways to create a free blogger sitemap) that the search engines can find and also take a look at in order not to have the search engines blocked from coming to your site.

You Can Also Write Articles

You Can Also Write Articles

Article writing is also a great way to increase your site traffic. It good to guest posts on other sites in order to build back linking to your site to help grow your site presence in the search engines.

The more back links you have to your site, the more important your blog or website seems to the search engines and the more likely your site is to rank for the keywords that they see as relevant to your website or Blog.

Clean Up The Site Design

 Clean Up The Site Design
Is your blog site pleasing to the eye? How do you see your website? Sites that is not pleasing to the eye drives users away.  Users may find it difficult to stick around for longer time. The best way to determine the very look of your site is having a web designer to take a good look at your website to see what need cleaned up and updated for great proper website performance. You may ask a few of your friends to give their opinion of your blog or site. For they will help you to look as it seem through the eyes of a customer.
Making a site seem pleasing to the eye does not require much hard work. Most case, users want a simple clear navigation on site so they can easily get where they want to, and also a clean simple design that flows for them. When blogging you would remember to always update your blog. If your blog looks like it has not been updated since, you may have a problem attracting new or old visitors. It also a good practice to avoid videos or music that load and pay on their own without clicking a play button. Visitors would likely want to play these types of media themselves.

Write Solid Copy For Your Site

Write Solid Copy For Your Site, blog artcle
The best blogging trick is writing solid article for your blog. Poor writing articles can kill the performance of your website seriously. Visitors would probably move on without doing anything, making a purchase or click on ad. You want to make sure that the content of your article is free from spelling, capitalization and grammatical errors and easy to read and understand. Providing enough information is also a good thing, but overdoing it can kill your Carrey. Imagining coming to this site and saw an article that is up to 6000 words will you still go ahead to read. So if visitors come to your blog page and see an article that is up to that, you can bet they will not even try to read it. Keeping your blog article under 1000 words max is the best practice. Do not make it too short, though. The general rule is 250 and above words is probably good.

In addition, good copywriting also include been able to explain in a way that will benefits your readers. What is your article all about? Making the points of your article stand out can seriously improve your website performance.

Stay Connected With Site Visitors

Stay Connected With Site Visitors;, twitter
Are you connected to your site visitors? This is another important part of it. You want to make sure that there is methods that help you stay connected with your site visitors and invite them to come back. To keep your business in front of your customers there are several methods to make a connection and keep your site business in front of them. One of those methods is including a social networking link to your blog that link back to your Facebook or Twitter page, so that readers can be able to “follow” or “like” you. This method will help in having your message in front of them and get them back to your site. You can also add an email opt-in form such as RSS form so that users could get your updates or an email newsletter.

If you want to see a boost in your website performance then follow these simple blogging tips, no matter what your site is about you will be set for success!

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