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11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying For Google Adsense!

 Things Worth Doing Before Applying For Google Adsense!Google Adsense is world’s largest Pay Per Click system. Every Bloggers and Webmasters wants to get into Google adsense program been that they offer the highest pay rates and are better than all other PPC networks. 

Since Bloggers and Webmasters are running behind them to make money online, what they did is to made the approval system very strict making it difficult to get in. every little mistakes you make you get disapproved every time. So a complete guide is what you need and list of thing that you need to put in order before applying for Google Adsense. “11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying For Google Adsense!”

11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

1. Privacy Policy :

Many blogger and webmaster do not include Privacy Policy page on their blog before applying for Google ads which is a common mistakes that most Blogger makes while trying to get an approved account. Even though some may say Privacy Policy for a Blog is not that important but I tell you the truth without it you go nowhere.

So before applying for an ads account you must include a Privacy Policy on your blog.  It describes to your visitors about what they will get on your Blog, what they should not do and what they should do. There is obviously nothing bad in having a Privacy Policy on your blog. Click here to learn how to automatically create one. It somehow has an effect on your Adsense Approval and worth giving a trey.  11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

2. About Page

about me
Having an About Us page on blog before applying for Adsense is very important.  When it comes to Adsense, there are Zero chances of getting approved if you don’t have an About Us page. About Us page describes you and your Blog to your readers and also help establish a relationship with blog readers and as well help you build trust. Having an About Us page on your blog really worth it even if you don’t intend to own an Adsense account it will help you in other ways. 11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

3. Contact Us Page

contact us
Communication has a great impact on building a successful blog.  Having a Contact Us page on your blog make communicating with blog readers faster and better. What one of your blog readers may like may be bothering someone else. Why not give them the opportunity to communicate with you and tell you how they feel and think about your Blog, what they really want and don’t want, what they hated and liked.

This will help show Google Adsense Team that is reviewing your site that you do care about your blog readers and not only the money made from Adsense.

4. Name/ Email Verification

Making sure that your Name and Email address are type in accurately in some areas that are easily visible in your blog like that of About Me and Contact Us pages. It helps to confirm to Google Adsense Team that you are the same person who applied for an Adsense account and not crappy bots, some spam.

5. Age Verification

Google Adsense is not for those under 18, so if you are not up to 18 just keep in mind that you will encounter problem getting an approved ads account. Many realized this after being disproved a few times without any legitimate reason. So be accurate while typing your age.
If you are under 18 and want to get Ads on your blog then  ask someone to apply and receive money on your behalf, than you might have to enter his/her name in your about us page or give some reference in a visible region of your Blog. Better still seek permission from your parents to use their names on adsense. This is the best way to get adsense if you’re under 18.

6. Minimum Number of Posts

In regard to this no exact answer. Not even one. Because there are many well established Blogs with more then 400+ posts been rejected while others with just 40, 50 posts are making money with Adsense. That is exactly what I meant that there is no actual answer. However, predicting things is the only opinion. According to experience , it better to apply after you have gotten more than 70 posts on your blog and Posts length should be 500+ words. Having a blog posts that is 300 words or shorter in length is also a Red Flag, balance is what is needed. 11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

7. Content Type

content type
Google Adsense is not for Illegal Items, Drugs, Pornographic or other Blogs sites like that. One really needs to be careful with the type of content he publishes on his blog.  Content Type truly matters to Google Adsense.

8. Providing Value

Even if you are blogging for money you only make the money when you provide value to your readers. If your blog is not giving any value to your readers even if you had an approved Adsense account you will not be able to make money from it and your account will soon be disable.

Providing Valuable content to your blog readers will do you many good, it will clearly state that your blog is not set up to Make Money only but to add value to peoples life and that you are interested in your readers interest and that will boost truth upon you. If you are not Providing Values to your readers don’t think of applying for Google Adsense because this will clearly show them that you are not going to provide values to your blog readers any day. Another Red flag. 11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

9. Top Level Domain

top level domain: eg
Owning a .com or any other TLD domain is highly important these days. It hard for Adsense to approve “” and “Blogspot” Blogs these days that mean having a unique domain name that specifies your Blog is a key to success. If you have not got one yet, stop doing whatever you are doing now and start thinking on how to buy a domain name for your blog else you  wouldn’t be able to get an approved Ads account with a Sub domains.

10. Other Ad Networks

Do you have any other Ads running on your blog at now? If you do be it Chitika or Clicksor or another, now is the time to drop them off.

Yes Google Ads allows users to use other Ad program along with them but in getting an approved Google Ads account it’s better to remove the other ads before trying to Apply. You can put them back after you have gotten a reply from Adsense Team. This way you are increasing your chance of been approved. 11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

11. Paid Traffic

paid trafficAs we all know Google hates sites that get Paid traffic and most cases penalizes them. So those sites with Paid Traffic have no letter chance of getting Adsense Approval. If you want to earn real money via Google Adsense the right way, paid traffic is never a solution for anyone, traffic from the Search Engines or any other method is better if your seek Adsense Approval. 11 Things Worth Doing Before Applying for Google Adsense!

These are just some things to take into account if you want to apply for Google Ads. Though this will take some of your time but doing these things Before Applying for Google Adsense will increase your chance of been approved and it will worth your efforts. These requirements are not too hard to meet. Don’t be sad if they did not approve your blog, keep working to improve it and never give up. 
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